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Measure M

Ensures Local Control & Increases Voter Oversight

Measure M commits to reinvesting in communities through local return revenue spent directly on quality-of-life projects. The ballot measure protects and monitors the public's investment through independent audits and oversight.

465,000 new jobs for Southern California

The Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) estimates that Measure M will generate nearly $80 billion in economic output and create half-a-million new jobs in Southern California.

Reducing Traffic and Increasing Mobility

Measure M will redefine our transportation system and dramatically improve how we commute in every part of Los Angeles County - reducing traffic and strenthening the economic resilience of our local communities.


For any questions, please call: (818) 817-0545 or use the form below:

Staff Contact

Questions regarding the Valley Coalition For Transit or Measure M may be directed to David González, Legislative Affairs Manager at or the VICA office at 16600 Sherman Way, Suite 170, Van Nuys.

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>>Measure M is a commitment to Los Angeles County to reduce traffic and improve mobility throughout the region. By levying a 1/2 cent sales tax and continuing the existing 1/2 cent sales tax until the voters decide to end it, Metro is expected to general an estimated $860 million annually to fund transportation improvements.

>>Angelenos spend an average of 81 hours a years tuck in traffic. There are 10.2 million people in LA County, the region is expected to grow by 2.3 million in the next 40 years.

>>The ballot measure improves our economy and creates jobs by ensuring employers can recruit the best talent and businesses can move goods or services throught Los Angeles County.

How will the money be spent?


Transit Expansion


Highway/Active Transportation


Operations & Maintenance


Local Return


Measure M commits to converting 14.5 miles of Metro's Orange Line busway to light-rail transit, 14 station from Warner Center to North Hollywood. Immediate service improvements and grade seperation will decrease wait and travel times for local commuters.


Measure M commits to connecting the Valley to the Westside via a 10 mile high-capacity transit corridor through the Sepulveda Pass. Commuters in the Valley will be able to ride to UCLA by a new link between the Orange Line and future-planned Purple Line station.


Measure M commits to constructing the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor, a 9.2 mile high-capacity transit project with 14 stations connecting the Orange Line Van Nuys Station to the Sylamr/San Fernando Metrolink Station.

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